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Science of flight
1. (science of flight) aviation, flight, flying; navigation, aerial navigation; aeronautics, aerodynamics, aerodonetics, aerostatics, avionics, rocketry; aerial navigation, teleran, loran, shoran, instrument flying; air-power, air transportation; commercial or private aviation; ballooning, balloonery; skydiving, soaring, [hang] gliding; aerobatics; gliding; air piracy, skyjacking; Civil Aeronautics Board, CAB, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA. See sports.
2. (commercial flight) [scheduled, charter, commuter, or nonscheduled] airline, major or regional carrier, air shuttle, air taxi, air coach, air cargo, air freight; crop duster; nonstop, direct, or multistop flight, layover, stopover, red-eye; hub and spoke system; airways; airport, airfield, airdrome, jetport, heliport, flying field; gate, jetway; ground crew; landing field, landing strip, airstrip, taxiway, runway, tarmac; helipad, blast fence; pylon, beacon; control tower, windsock; passenger, no-show, standby, overbooking; checked or carry-on baggage, baggage carousel, skycap; hangar; airspace, air lane, skyway, vector airway, flight path, corridor; boarding pass, boarding, deplaning; frequent flyer program.
3. air warfare; air force, RAF, Luftwaffe; formation flying, echelon; bombing, dive-bombing, pursuit, dogfight; group, wing, flight, squadron; mission, dry run, bombing mission; air cover; formation flying; [de]briefing.
4. aircraft:
a. lighter-than-air, aerostat; [captive, observation, gas, helium, or barrage] balloon; airship, dirigible, Zeppelin, blimp, kite, box kite; parachute. Informal, gasbag.
b. heavier-than-air, airplane, aeroplane, plane, monoplane, biplane, wedgewing, seaplane, hydroplane, amphibian, hydroplane, flying boat; ultralight; glider, sailplane, crate, box, ship, jenny; airliner, transport; pursuit plane, interceptor, fighter, flying fortress, dive bomber, bomber, stealth fighter, tilt-rotor, spy plane, reconnaissance plane, U2; jet plane, turbojet, propjet, pulsejet, JATO (jet-assisted takeoff), RATO (rocket-assisted takeoff), STOL (short takeoff and landing), VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing), SST (supersonic transport); Caravelle, Concorde, Airbus, Lear jet, etc.; jumbo jet, wide-body [jet]; autogiro, gyroplane, gyrodyne, rotorcraft, helicopter, whirlybird, Sikorsky, helibus; Hovercraft; ornithopter. Informal, kite, chopper. Slang, grasshopper.
5. (parts of aircraft) airframe, fuselage, monocoque, skin, nose, nose cone, tail, empennage, rudder, fin, stabilizer; cockpit, flight deck, canopy, gondola, nacelle, cabin, ejection seat; belly, hull; balloon, ballonet; engine, engine pod, propeller, airscrew, prop, contraprop; afterburner, throat, inlet; reciprocating, radial, or jet engine, fanjet, turbofan, ramjet; rocket; airfoil, wing, leading or trailing edge, gull wing, swept-back wing, sweep-back, variable-sweep wing, spar, spoiler; cabane, flaperon, aileron, longeron, deceleron, elevon, elevator, stabilator, stabilizer, air brake; stick, Joyce or joy stick, control yoke; landing gear, undercarriage, pontoon; console, instrument panel, inertial guidance system, compass, compass card, pelorus, gyrocompass, magnetic compass, altimeter, artificial horizon, artificial or automatic pilot, autopilot, Gyropilot, telemetry, tachometer, airspeed indicator, machmeter, drift meter, yaw meter, rate-of-climb indicator, [turn-and-]bank indicator, inclinometer, Earth inductor, terrain clearance indicator, ADF (automatic direction finder), ADI (attitude direction indicator), radar, transponder, LORAN (long range navigation), TACAN (tactical air navigation), PAR (precision approach radar), VOR (very high frequency omni range), air log, ceilometer, climatometer, nephoscope; bomb bay, [inflatable] evacuation slide, safety or emergency doors; black box, flight data or cockpit voice recorder; overhead rack; radar dome, radome. Slang, blue room.
6. (flying terms) clearance, takeoff, liftoff; autorotation; zoom, loop, loop the loop, soar, climbout, climb, chandelle, glide; Immelmann turn, barrel roll; sideslip, crabbing, stall, porpoising, buffeting, fishtailing, flutter; cruising altitude; dive, nosedive, volplane, spiral, spin, tailspin, wingover, yaw; buzz, hedgehopping; thrust, lift, drag; airstream, slipstream, jet or prop wash, backwash, sideslip, drift; flying circus, barnstorming, stunt flying, lazy eight, loop; formation flying; skywriting; point of no return; vapor trail, contrail; airspeed, ground speed, shock wave; visibility, ceiling, ceiling zero; air pocket, burble, headwind, tailwind, [clear air] turbulence, wind shear; holding pattern, circling; final approach, [instrument] landing, touchdown, three-point landing, straight-in landing, pancake, precision approach; course, heading; airsickness; flight plan; icing; mach number; power loading; pressurization; in-flight refueling, probe and drogue; visual or instrument flight rules; ATC, air traffic control.
7. flier, aviator, aeronaut, airman, balloonist, pilot, co-pilot, navigator, bombardier; flight crew, captain, first officer, flight attendant, steward[ess], host[ess]; stunt or test pilot; Daedalus, Icarus, Darius Green, Amelia Earhart, Eddie Rickenbacker; air marshal, flying officer; airborne troops, paratroops; passenger (See travel); air traffic controller. Informal, birdman, top gun; hedgehopper; no-show.
8. space travel (See astronautics).
Verbs — aviate, fly, pilot, go by air taxi, take off, take to the air; feather; gain altitude, ascend, climb, zoom; stall, yaw, pitch, roll, bank, dive, cruise, pull out, pull up, soar, glide, porpoise, sideslip; land, set down, descend; stall, flame out, crash-land; stunt, buzz, hedgehop; peel off; nose down, over, or up; strafe, dive-bomb; crash, crack up, prang, conk out, bail out; flame out; jettison; barnstorm. Slang, skyjack; ditch.
Adjectives — aviation, aeronautic, avionic; airworthy; airsick; flying, airborne, aloft, on the wing, over-the-top; in-flight, onboard, outboard, inboard; supersonic, transonic.
Adverbs — in flight.
Quotations — There are only two emotions in a plane: boredom and terror (Orson Welles).
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. flying, flight, aeronautics, theory of flight, aeronautical engineering, aeronautical navigation, piloting, aeRomechanics, pneumatics, aerostatics, aerodynamics, aerodonetics, airmanship, aerodromics; see also aeronautics .

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